VAwS (Ordinance on Installations for Handling Water-Polluting
Substances) – Specialist Company BQS 8.1, SKZ/TÜV-LGA
Quality guidelines for pipes, shafts and components in landfills


In the lining and shaft construction division, we create safe foil sealing and linings for shafts, drinking water tanks, production plants and PE mouldings made of plastic for municipalities, landfill operators and industrial companies. In applications where traditional materials can no longer withstand and an urgent renovation is pending, Hopfgartner offers durable and economical plastics technology from one source.


Shaft Construction


Thermoplastics, such as various

  • PE types,
  • PP types,
  • PVC types and other needs-based types of plastic.

We are happy to support you in selecting the right material for your requirements (specification).

Shaft Construction


  • High resistance to aggressive fluids.
  • Fully gas and watertight in the technical sense
  • No corrosion, no encrustation
  • Easy and flexible to create and process
  • Long lifetime, see creep strength under internal pressure (over 100 years)
  • Good value for money
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable (life cycle assessment)

Shaft Construction


  • Semi-finished panels
  • Foils
  • Blanks
  • Flanges, PE mouldings

Shaft Construction


  • Support in specification creation and selection of material
  • Design & planning, development & engineering
  • Quotation creation, specification, project management
  • Workshop pre-fabrication of individual components
  • On-site assembly, commissioning, quality assurance
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Professional rehabilitation of existing plants and tanks

Shaft Construction


  • External monitoring by TÜV
  • Specialist company according to §19i WHG (Water Resources Act)
  • Qualified specialist staff, certified plastics welders
  • Production according to German and European standards and norms
  • Impressive references and many years of practical experience

Shaft Construction


  • Landfill liners
  • Seepage basin lining
  • Lining of storage ponds for snow-making systems
  • Drinking water tank lining
  • Cathodic dip paint basin lining (automobile industry)